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Just beginning? I’m Gary Terzza and I provide first class voice over coaching specifically aimed at people who have no previous experience.

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My high quality voice actor training course has a proven track record

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Voice over work & jobs include: audiobooks, phone systems, documentaries, commercials, and video games. To break into the VOICE-OVER business you need a demo or showreel. I produce this for you, provide full training and most importantly help you find voice over work!

VOmasterclass with Gary Terzza

See Gary’s Voice Over Training Collection for comprehensive tips and advice.

Buy scripts for home study (They will be emailed to you directly)

Get a feel for Voice-Overs by purchasing Gary’s training scripts for £5.99 (+VAT). Use these in conjunction with Gary’s free lesson to pick up a few tricks of the trade, create your own demo or just to have some fun.
Learn how to lift the words from the page, market your voice-over and learn the secrets of a successful voice-over career.

Scripts include advice on:

How to do voice-overs for TV & radio
How to get a voiceover agent
How to make an unforgettable voice-over demo
How to find jobs in the voice-over market including useful contact addresses
Recording software so you can make your demo at home
Performance tips for voiceovers

Scripts cover:

Voice-over warm-up exercises
Voice-over Commercials
Voiceover Narration
TV & radio voice-overs
Promotional voiceover trailers
Interactive voice-overs

Ideal for beginners.

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"I have now taken over 80 jobs in under a year! Gary would be the best person to reach out to."
Rita Pattni

"I’ve just received my first recording gig - it's an audiobook... exciting and scary!"
Patrick Oniyelu

"I had 3 more confirmed bookings on Friday. Shows people it can be done, even if you're totally new to the scene."
Mel Elliott

"I got the continuity announcer job on Channel 4.... I'm so excited!"
Hana Khalique

"I've just been paid a good fee for a pair of two minute videos (£500) and I even managed to get away with charging them an extra £80 for a very minor retake!"
Tim Bick

"I have made £250 over the past two months and I also have a boxing documentary coming up."
Nick Heaven

"Another voice over job came through this evening."
KD O’Neill

"I've just got my first voice over job. It's an ad for a car valeting company."
Eliza Campbell

"I've made $350 (£260) so far - so it works, and they've all been small jobs that only take minutes."
Mark Thomas

"Thanks Gary, since your course I’ve done a ton of voiceovers! Including ones for Worldpay, Virgin and Fujitsu! "
Peter Bray

"Thanks to Gary's programme... I'm happy to be able to say I earn money through voice-over work every single month"
Mandeep Pannu

"I've just got my first piece of voice over work!! I am so happy and I almost can't believe it. They have already paid me!"
Eloya Imoedemhe

"I've had a steady stream of small voice over jobs since we first met."
Graham Fletcher

"Oh Gary, I am just so blown away to have completed my first gig! I am savouring this moment......You are the best."
Alex Valenti

"Since your course Gary I've recorded voice overs for an eLearning project, promo videos, an answerphone message, 2 radio commercials, video game trailer & a character in a video game!"
Elisabeth Eden

"Hi Gary! I thought you would like to know that I've been offered a staff job as voice over announcer on Channel 4. I'm over the moon!"
Kelsey Bennett

"I have now done voice over work for Coca Cola & I'm the narrator for the BBC's The Voice official iPad game. I am currently recording a Beatrix Potter audiobook collection "
Anna Parker-Naples

"I got the voice over job for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Amazing!!. Thanks for everything."
Philip Barton

"Within a couple of weeks of your VoMasterClass I got a great voice over job.
Your good advice and unfailing support have been remarkable, Gary"
Michael MacMahon

" Hi Gary, I have just finished narration for two childrens' audio books. I learned so much from my training session with you."
Tamina Rashell

"Hi Gary, I’ve landed my first TV commercial. It’s going to air on Channel 5 and ITV. Thrilled to bits!"
Jo Whitfield

"Hi Gary, I've completed my first 3 voice over jobs. I've earned just over £800. I'm chuffed to bits & so glad I decided to come along to your Masterclass!"
Kaz Coburn

" Feels and pays great!"
Julie Roberts

"Hello Gary, earlier this afternoon I received payment for my first voice over job. What a huge boost to my confidence!"
Cara Gardner

"Hi Gary, I've made a successful start earning over £1,300. Thanks for getting me started! "
David Parkinson

"Hi Gary, I've just recorded my first UK Wide TV advert . A very happy man!"
Jay Britton

" The voiceovers have been good...work includes a sales pitch for a replica of the Royal Ring, a golf video and currently a Sherlock Holmes video"
Gerald Price

"Hi Gary, I got my first voice over job!!!... so excited, recording tomorrow. It's for Callaway Golf Clubs."
Simon Baillie

"Gary's VOmasterclass is worth every penny! I've already completed two voiceover jobs for Unilever and a couple of characters for a video game. Thanks Gary!""
Kevin Taylor

"£300 for an 8 minute voice over! Thanks again for you help - it's invaluable. "
Fiona Paul

" I got my first voice over assignment 6 days after I met with you, Gary. It was for £150. Yippee! "
Debby Barnes

"Thank you so much for your help and advice Gary, I couldn't have got anywhere in this voice over business without it!"
Ryan Green

"I earned over £800 for just three Voice over jobs. Thanks for the training Gary"
Della Phillips

"I got my first voice over job; the radio station said the client was very happy"
Katie Hawes

"Hi Gary, I probably owe you a beer! I’ve just completed my first piece of paid voice over work."
Tony Cocks

"I had a great time in the studio with Gary Terzza in London. I have been busy recording for Direct Line, Natwest and the Royal Bank of Scotland."
Kelly Carter

"Gary’s help and continued advice has been invaluable. I’ve already made back what I paid for the Voice Over MasterClass."
Dawn Easby

"Hi Gary, just done a couple of voice over jobs for Vodafone thanks x"
Marcia Elliott

"Thanks to your wonderful course, I've done voiceover work for TV & radio, web videos, videogames, on-hold messages, narrations, & audiobooks"
Dave Hickman

"Wow - first voice over job! Thank you so much for your help, Gary."
Diane Steer

"I recorded the first script yesterday; looks like there might be a lot of work as well, which is great! Thank you so much for your continued support!"
Mark Fletcher

"Good news, I got the voice over work! They will pay £366 so I said yes, of course! I want to thank you for all your help; I wouldn't have done it without you. "
Roua Murtada

"I'm recording my first voice-over job tomorrow and been ranked 1st for some really BIG voiceover work! Thanks for your course."
Shirlie Randall

"Hi Gary, I did my first voice over job yesterday .... I earned £200 for 20 mins in the studio, not bad!"
Jane Osborn

" Since attending your MasterClass workshop I have done a number of voice-over jobs ranging from Audio Books, Sky TV ads and more."
Robb Dee

"I've just won a series of radio advert recordings for a major airline in the Middle East."
Andrew Regan

"Thanks to your training course I'm now working as a voice over artist on a new Endemol TV game show!"
Adam Warwicker

"Things are going well; have done 3 pieces of voice over work. I was so happy to get them and to get paid!"
Anthony Ilosvay

" A client approached me for a video voice over, which I have now done and been paid for!"
Julia Howe

"A company has asked me to do an audio guide for a museum; So, a big thank you for your help and support."
Tony Dessauer

" I just had my first voice over job and have been talking to a local Movie studio. Thanks to your Master Class course, I have the skills to make it happen! "
Barbara Ann Horne

"Thanks to your help and guidance I submitted 4 auditions and within several hours I had one of them accepted. I am now able to embark upon a new and exciting voice over career."
Colin Hayter

"You did a great job…I have recouped all of my expenses with my voice over work and expect to end the year in profit."
Alan Pottinger

"Hi Gary, I've just been given my first paid voice over job since my workshop with you."
John Kellow

"I'm so glad that I contacted Gary about v/o work. He gave me the confidence to market myself. His training proved invaluable."
Claire Dwyer

"I'm happy to tell you that so far I'm on my 8th job including voicemail and a video game."
Roberta Mussato

"I have just recorded the voiceover for a Channel 4 documentary. Thanks for your help, Gary."
Meeta Hans

"Unbelievable! I have just been offered 3 radio ads and a computer game narration. Thanks loads for the training."
Richard McPherson

"ITV1 have just offered me a 7 part documentary series."
Liz Kershaw

"Success! I've been accepted for the Jet Airways voiceover project. Many thanks for your guidance."
Marc Fiszman

"Take this Master Class - you'll learn so much more than you bargained for. I've
now recorded and been paid for 2 sessions""
Paul Rose

"I am now doing audio visual recordings.... I learnt a lot from your workshop."
Sally Hamilton

" I am suitably stunned - and pleased! My podcasts have now been downloaded by over 154,000 - and I've been asked to write and record some audio books."
Deborah Smith

"I have done my first voice over jobs! A corporate video for Ikea and a web demo for a Canadian company."
Kathy Kennard

"A new movie channel on Sky 331 has just offered me a voice over job. Thanks for everything."
Chucksy Benamaisia

"Currently I'm netting about £600 - £800 per week.... jobs started coming in immediately, just like you said I can't thank you enough."
John Harley

"Just got 1st voice job today for property developers' video based in Belize. Thanks for helping me"
Lulu Dale

"So far I have done some work for a Bulgarian Hotel chain, a charity appeal on Berkshire radio and various audio messages for a technology company."
Louise Reichmann

" Just done voiceover work for a marketing DVD for a maker of Swiss watches and a New York TV company"
Cia Allan

"Doing your Master Class was one of the best things I did and this Voice Over business is great. My jobs include radio reading, greetings voicemail/message on hold; Narration; Documentaries and Jingles."
Deborah Sandford, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

"Gary Terzza's Voice-Over MasterClass offers a back up service of advice. What I did not expect was to be given a referral which resulted in my first paid voice over contract. Thanks Gary"
Mandy Worrall, Guildford

"Your Master Class has certainly paid its way thus far. Just landed my first documentary, Hurrah! Also answer phones & corporate work... and a couple of Europe wide TV ads."
Jack Richardson, Wilts

"I have just received a job offer for a UK travel advert"
David Jones, Farnham Surrey

"I've earned over £800 in the last 3 months! thought you might like to hear from a satisfied customer/novice."
Sharon Grenham Toze

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