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Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms
Payment for all bookings must be made in full in advance and is not refundable.
Bookings are not confirmed until payment is received.
Payment can be made with credit/debit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

Work is not guaranteed and additional investment in recording equipment and marketing is required.
Gary Terzza cannot provide technical assistance on recording equipment that has not been bought through him.

The 12 months mentoring runs continuously from the date of the studio session. It cannot be paused, carried-over or postponed, even if unused during the one year contract period. This back up support is via email and phone. Other than the studio session, we do not do any in-person meet-ups. Any additional Zoom/online training will attract a separate fee.

Cancellation Policy
The fee for the 12 month programme is non-refundable. This also includes the fee for any Zoom/online sessions.
If you cancel, postpone, or change the date of a session before the attendance day a non-negotiable £100 payment will be required to reschedule. A ‘no show’ on the day of the session means the full fee will need to be paid again should you wish to rebook.

If we cancel the session, you may re-book at no extra cost.

**Continuous Mentoring is an optional service offered to former students providing back up support on a needs must basis. Subscription is payable monthly and can be stopped at any time. Please note NO REFUNDS are given if the service is not used in any particular month. If you wish to terminate the service you must inform Gary Terzza at VOmasterclass and the onus is on the subscriber to cancel the subscription payment.

Privacy Policy
We do not store credit or debit card details, nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Updated Privacy Policy (May 10th 2018)

Payment of the fee confirms you accept the above Terms & Conditions and agree and understand the Terms of Service listed as the FAQ

Where Are You Based?

London. However you only need to visit us once - the rest of the training is done from your home.

Is Voice Over Work Part Time?

Yes mostly. A few of Gary Terzza’s former students now work in voice overs full time. However don’t give up the day job just yet!

Will you tell me if my voice isn’t suitable?

This might sound strange, but NO. This is because voice overs are subjective -  there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ voice, only one person’s opinion. Your voice could be suitable for some projects, but not for others. What Gary Terzza will do is give you a specific critique, highlighting your strengths and helping you improve your weaknesses.

What makes this course different?

12 months duration (but you only have to come to the London studio once - the rest you do from home).  Mentoring from GARY TERZZA - 30 years in the business (Channel 4, More4, ITV, Channel 5, Discovery, BBC and commercial Radio). One to one coaching. High success rate.

Are you an agency?

No. VoMasterClass™ is a training programme. Gary will explain how to get work without an agent.

I thought only actors did voiceovers

This is a common misconception. Some actors do voice overs, but many people from all walks of life also make money from their voices. Voiceovers are all about acting naturally.

Is there enough voice-over work to go round?

Although work is not guaranteed, you’ll be surprised how much there is. Broadcasters, agents, producers, film makers, publishers, corporations, casting directors, animators, advertising agencies, translation agencies, game developers, phone system providers, dubbing specialists, web designers, podcasters, audiobook producers ... all looking for new voice talent.

Will I Make a lot of money?

If you are looking to get rich quick with voice overs, forget it! They require hard work and investment. However once you are up and running, expect anything from a few pounds for a quick read, to £200 per hour. Fees for voice overs vary enormously depending on the job, and Gary will advise on what to charge.

How do I get work in voiceovers?

First you need training and a demo of your voice. This is what we do for you. Gary will also show you how to get voice-over work & how much to charge. He will explain the importance of recording from home and why marketing your voice is essential.

What does the Masterclass include?

12 months coaching
1 to 1 training and recording session
Your demos online on your own web profile


How much does it cost?

Gary Terzza’s VoMasterClass™ offers excellent value for money. Call or TEXT 07957 600 543 for a quote

Will you help me get work?

It is important to bear in mind we are NOT agents; however Gary will explain how to obtain voice over work, discuss the best way of getting an agent, how much to charge, and where you find the jobs in the first place!  Gary also provides 12 months of back up support and mentoring.

What chance have I got of doing voice-overs?

Voice-overs are not for everybody, but if you are prepared to work hard, learn your craft, invest in marketing, record from home to a high standard and follow Gary Terzza’s advice you stand a good chance. Gary’s philosophy is have fun and earn some money along the way in that order.

  • High Success Rate
  • Work from Home
  • Great Fun

Home Recording


Privacy Policy
Gary Terzza’s VO MasterClass does not rent or sell any information about visitors to our web site. We may occasionally send you information about courses and services. If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)