Coaching for Voice Over Work 2024

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Do people compliment you on your good speaking voice?

Have you ever listened to the voiceover on a commercial or audiobook and thought “I could do that”? Imagine doing something that’s fun and can earn you money! Would you like to become a successful British voice-over artist?

However just because you have a ‘nice’ voice (whatever that is) doesn’t mean you can be a voice actor. Chances are, you will need training and guidance.
My name is Gary Terzza. I am a specialist in voice over coaching, providing expert knowledge to help complete beginners break into the business and find work and find those first voice over jobs.

Want to know if your voice is suitable?

My tutoring service is a one-stop-shop with everything you need to launch your voice over career. I train your voice, record/produce your demos, explain where to find voice-over work and even advise how much you should charge.

Want to join my successful voice over students? I’m here to help you do just that.

Take my one to one training course here in the UK or online.

Check out the latest voice-over jobs.

In these training videos I provide tips and advice for improving your voice overs.

Take a listen to the paid work some of our successful students have recorded.


Get a feel for Voice-Overs by purchasing my training scripts for £5.99 (+VAT). Use these in conjunction with my free lesson to pick up a few tricks of the trade, create your own demo or just to have some fun.

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Coaching for Voice Over Work 2024